Martial Arts Programs in Fairfax County

This is a class for the novice student in Fairfax County. Strictly for first time students. A tae kwon do student with 16 to 24 classes will be eligible to test for white belt. Tae Kwon Do students in will learn Tae Kwon Do basics.

This is a class for students in Fairfax County who have at least two months of Tae Kwon Do Training or have passed their white belt exam from our school. White and Yellow Belt tae kwon do students will be grouped in this class where they will learn more advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques. A student coming in two times week will normally spend 6-8 months in class.
This class is for children ages three and half through five years old. This class will provide tae kwon do students with very basic Tae Kwon Do techniques. It is fun class and is a great way to get introduced to the martial arts.

Over the course of 25 years, World Karate has developed a time tested method of introduction to the many martial arts based programs taught at their convenient locations.
World Karate has been teaching an innovative Tae Kwon Do curriculum in Fairfax County for decades.
A night full of fun and excitement for you and children with World Karate! Parent's Night Out Program serving Fairfax, Annandale, Burke and West Springfield!
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu originated as the ultimate form of self-defense. It's the very reason why the founders created the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
Get ready for a summer packed with excitement and adventure. World Karate Summer Camp has proven to be a great alternative to daycare or SACC type situations for the family.
Our After School Martial Arts offers enriching learning opportunities in a fun environment for school-age children in Fairfax County is very well received by students and parents.

World Karate Serves The Following Locations

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